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What is ZotMail?

ZotMail is UC Irvine's primary electronic communication system used to transmit authorized business messages. This web-based messaging system enables authorized senders in the offices of the Chancellor, Provost, Vice Chancellors, and Deans to send messages using a password-protected interface. Employees, students and affiliates are able to update subscription choices. New employees, students and affiliates are automatically added to the ZotMail system.

ZotMail News

Employee data is fed to ZotMail from UCPath. Student data is fed to ZotMail from the Registrar. Students must be enrolled in the current quarter to receive ZotMail messages.

Check this section for upcoming ZotMail features. Our latest release includes improved Analytics and reports to track click-through data.

ZotMail Support

Support: Visit the OIT Help Center at http://www.oit.uci.edu/help/
Feedback: Send email to ZotMail@uci.edu

Emergency ZotMail System

As part of UCI's emergency communication plan, the Chancellor, Provost/EVC, and some others have the ability to send ZotMail messages to reach the entire UCI community including all unsubscribed users.

Other Electronic Communication Systems at UC Irvine

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